Revamping Plastic Storage With Chalkboard Paint

Hey guys!

It’s Shelby again! Today I’m here with my first official DIY post, and today’s project is one that I’ve been putting off for a while.

Today I’ll show you all how I created, and the final product of, my first official project for this blog. Here is the picture that inspired project #1:

The original DIY can be found here on another WordPress blog, but I found this project through Pinterest.

On a 1 to 10 scale of messiness, this is a solid 2 when prepared for appropriately.

First of all, I’ll go through what you’ll need, which actually isn’t much and is not very expensive either!




To set up and reduce mess, I picked up multiples copies of old issues of our campus newspaper, The University Star, and covered my floor area with them.


My next task was to actually open my paint can. My mom had told me before that I could use a butter knife since I don’t have any tools in my dorm room, but I also didn’t have any silverware other than spoons. As the makeshift DIY-er I’m becoming, I’m sure you can only guess what I ended up using.


Now, painting the drawers was no great task at all. I just made sure I painted in one direction the entire time, and honestly that’s about all it takes to get a good application. The paint dries opaque and pretty smooth regardless of your strokes. Try to go crazy here people. Its impossible.


Both of theses images are the first coat of paint. The first image is wet paint, and the second is once the paint is partially dried.

Here is where future Shelby comes back into the world of the past and tries to right my wrongs;
I only put two coats of chalkboard paint, and, looking back, I should have put at least 3-4. The paint was very thin and chipped easily after drying, so during this step, the wise should put multiple coats of paint.

After checking my drawers compulsively for dryness for three hours, I finally put my drawers in their places to finish completely drying.

The next step was quite inconvenient, but the end results were worth it. I waited 7 days before I used my chalkboard drawers as functioning chalkboards. I waited for a week for two reasons:

A) The instructions on my can said to wait 7 days
B) I didn’t get around to buying chalk for 7 days

After the 7 day wait, tragedy struck. I’ll get my mistakes out first and foremost:
1. My chalk was so sharp I could have probably cut uncomfortably tough meat with it. I didn’t use soft chalk and
2. I just dug into the chalkboard paint because I naturally apply an ungodly amount of pressure when I write. This was even worse because of my third mistake which was
3. Only applying two very thin coats of paint to my drawers. Also, if I could go back I would sand my very glossy drawers so that there was some tooth that the paint could have stuck to more efficiently.
Basically, I made my first marks on the drawers and all of the paint chipped away from that section. It continued to do this unless I applied extremely light pressure to the chalkboard.



I played off the chips in the paint pretty well I think, but I’m still going to go back one day and apply thicker coats of paint to my drawers. The next step I actually didn’t mess up and it’s very important.

Seasoning your chalkboard

I created a page on chalkboard preparation, just because I assume I’ll be using chalkboard paint in many other projects. Just look above and click the “DIY Tips” tab on the menu and then the Chalkboard Paint Prepping link for the extremely easy, but very important procedure. Spoiler alert: you just cover the surface in chalk and then erase it all off and this prevents your first chalking from staining your board.

in the room

My room was a little messy when I took these pictures because I was packing to come home for the weekend, but this is where the drawers ended up residing. I also use it as a little spot to put my clean towels.

IMG_2384 IMG_2386
Chalkboard paint was a simple and quick (besides the whole 7 day wait and my thin coats of paint) way to make my drawers look much more adorable and also add some super visual organization to my room.

I hope you try this project for yourself, but more importantly, I hope you have fun!

Until next time!

Shelby J.



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