Chalkboard Tea Jars

Hey everyone!

It’s Shelby again and today I have a super cute idea for storing tea. For Christmas, my aunt got me a Teavana teapot and some tea for it and basically sparked a loose leaf tea obsession in me. I had been drinking tea for a while, but I had only been using tea bags. Storing the tea was a little awkward, though, because Teavana tea comes in bulky little orange bags, and must then be put in an airtight container. I was just taking the Teavana bags and putting them in Ziploc bags.


This was very unsightly. So unsightly, in fact, I had to keep the bulky eyesores in one of my few drawers I had in my room. This was taking up  space and also prevented me from pointing out my tea collection to anyone and everyone that entered my room. This project has fixed every problem that I had, and also is very quick and simple!


first photo courtesy of

The original project can be found here.

Enough talk, let’s jump right into this.


If you can believe it, this project is even messier than the last. I rate it a solid 5/10 on a messy scale.



  • Mason jars
  • Brushes of any sort
  • Chalkboard Paint


 1. This project was small enough to be done on my desk, so I just covered the desk with notebook paper and had at it. I removed the flat part of the lid from the rest of the jar and painted it with two VERY thick coats of chalkboard paint. This was very messy for me because as I would grab the lids to paint new areas, I would get paint from the parts of the lid I already painted on my hands, plus I kept dropping the lids on my legs and I was covered in black paint. This is probably just personal error, but this is why my project was so messy. The lids took very little time to dry. About an hour after the first coat,  I could add a second coat. I then waited overnight before writing on the lids. IMG_2758

2. Writing on the jars was no problem for me, and because the lids were such a small surface, I didn’t bother prepping them. But if you would like a more used and rustic look, you can always find how to prep chalkboards under the “DIY Tips” tab above.


3. Since I’m not a tea aficionado, I still have trouble remembering brew temperatures and brew times so I cut the tags off of the bags that the tea came on
IMG_2637and taped them to the back of my tea jars so that they wouldn’t be an eyesore. I just used a little clear tape and thats how I applied them.


the final product

This is my final product. My tea takes up almost no space, and I have them sitting on top of my mini fridge. I also now have freed up some drawer space which provided me with even more room storage.
IMG_2760This project was super fun and simple and took very little dry time. I suggest this for any tea lovers, or as a cute way to label anything in a mason jar.

Until next time y’all! Have fun and be good,

Shelby J.


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